SkinDoc formula Aqua Skin

Aqua Skin

    Double Hydrating Serum

    Rich in hyaluronic acid, one of nature’s most powerful and effective moisturisers, Aqua Skin promotes a healthy environment in which damaged skin cells can naturally repair and regenerate. Uniquely, it combines two hyaluronic molecules to produce an intensely moisturising serum.

    Low molecular hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin, supplementing water loss and helping restore the skin’s natural cell regenerative qualities at root level.

    On the epidermal level, high molecular hyaluronic acid works by hydrating and healing the skin’s protective barrier. The result is a smoother surface and softer feel, giving you a more youthful complexion. It helps to reinforce the skin’s natural cell proliferation, meaning skin is protected from harmful environmental agents.

    Directions: For use daily in the morning and, if needed, evening. Apply to skin in a thin layer and allow to dry. For a boost of freshness use during the day whenever needed

    Ingredients: A low molecular weight and a high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid seep into the deeper dermis and work on the epidermis whilst supplementing water loss and reinforcing the skin’s natural cell proliferation. The skin is protected from harmful environmental agents. The result is a smoother surface and a softer, healthier appearance.

    £160 GBP 30 ml

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