Centennial Skin by Dr Dirk Kremer

Our Story

In the past, Dr Kremer has felt that surgically re-positioning our facial and orbital fat as well as our facial skin could make us look young. He learnt, by speaking to thousands of his patients and analysing their faces over a number of years, that for an overall young and rested look, healthy plump and fresh looking skin is vital. He can perform the best face lift ever, however, if a patient’s skin is neglected and looks weathered, the overall outcome of his TBT facelift is wasted and will be less successful than if a patient’s skin looks healthy and young.

The patients consulting him to consider a facial rejuvenation procedure come from two different age groups. Firstly there are young patients from mid 20s to mid 40s who are interested in slowing down the process of ageing and putting off the time when they will need a facelift. They are right to consider their options. It is the loss of elasticity and the strength of our skin which causes the skin to succumb to the constant pull of gravity, so tissue (fat and skin) starts to sag creating the typical signs of ageing: hollowed cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jowls. Dr. Kremer’s goal therefore was to find a formula to work on a molecular level in the skin to keep it young for as long as possible or even rejuvenate already aged skin by substituting age-related lost ingredients, or simply improve the structures of the many structural chains which work together to give our skin its young look. If just one link in these chains is missing the production of vital ingredients of a young and healthy skin can slow down or even stop.

Secondly, there are many older patients, end 40s to 80s, who have undergone surgical procedures for their necks, faces or eyes and ask what to do to keep the rejuvenated look for as long as possible. Again, if the skin is in poor condition the patients who initially got back their young facial features will be less convincing. Also, once the facial features are surgically rejuvenated, gravity keeps working against them. These patients must condition their skin to make it stronger, thicker, and more elastic to be able to resist these forces for longer.

With these realisations, Dr. Kremer started his mission to create an ideal formula to help his patients in their battle against the effects of ageing. Thus the idea for SkinDoc formula was born.

With his clinical experience and the knowledge achieved at the time he did research on tissue engineering, over the past three years Dr. Kremer worked on different formulas, all of which contribute to keeping our skin looking young for as long as possible or even turning back the effects of time and gravity on our skin (my awarded TBT philosophy of facial ageing applied to skin care). He first started to trial the serums and creams on his family and friends changing ingredients and concentrations based on their feedback and results. This expanded to providing the refined products to a big number of his patients from both age groups. Their feedback and research has resulted in a total of fifteen products which all work on different levels but contribute to a younger looking skin.

Dr. Kremer’s SkinDoc formula wants to educate his patients and make them realise that a cream is not just a cream. 'Creams got smarter', as he says. These new age products all have a very advanced science behind them which is applied to each product to have a specific effect on our skin. He believes skincare has become an art. And for patients who know how to use it properly, it will give them the benefits of a skin that doesn’t just look younger but in fact is in a younger state. Next to a healthy lifestyle, the right skincare is probably the only way for all of us to keep our young looks for as long as possible

About Dr Dirk Kremer

Dr Dirk Kremer

Dr. Kremer has worked as a plastic surgeon for over eighteen years and has solely practised as cosmetic plastic surgeon for the past twelve years. He has always analysed what makes us age and consequently what makes us look old. His interest and fascination was always in facial rejuvenation. He developed facial rejuvenation techniques which were acknowledged by the international media and got a worldwide renown reputation for his TBT-lift of the face, neck and the eyelids:

As a plastic surgeon, he has naturally put his focus on working against the signs of ageing by surgically re-positioning the dropped facial fat of the skin against the forces of gravity, putting them back to where they were originally in the neck, face or eyes. His trademarked TBT (Turn Back Time) lift of the face and eyes was created with this in mind. This rejuvenates the patient's face without leaving the tell-tale signs of a face or eye lift. By simply turning back what time did to our face and eyes. Tatler magazine has rewarded him for the past three years by including him in their best ‘UK Plastic Surgeon’ list.

Dr Kremer wrote his doctoral thesis after several years of research in the field of tissue engineering, and during many years working as a plastic surgeon in a specialist burns intensive care unit, he was the responsible surgeon for the cultivation and tissue engineering of skin cells for transplantation. With this research experience, he felt he had the knowledge of what human skin needs to keep or mimic its metabolism to not just make it look young but to really rejuvenate it.

After training to become a plastic surgeon in his hometown Munich, Germany, and a cosmetic fellowship in the US, today Dr Kremer has offices in Harley Street in London and in Dubai and his patients travel from all over the world to see him for his expertise and renowned surgical techniques.

His regular TV appearances on a daily TV show is owed to his credibility/authenticity as cosmetic surgeon. On TV, Dr Kremer had the opportunity to explain plastic surgery to a broader audience and discuss in his honest way the pros and cons of having a cosmetic procedure. With his live-patients and audience, he evaluated surgical procedures versus non-invasive alternatives. His TV appearances were highly anticipated.

Dr Kremer says:

I used to think that only surgical intervention with my signature TBT lift of the face and eyes could make my patients look younger. But this is not so. Skincare is vital to maintain healthy, plump and fresh-looking skin. My year-long experience in tissue engineering of skin during my time on a burn ICU combined with more than 12 years’ cumulative experience as a specialist plastic surgeon enabled me to recognise what human skin needs to maintain or mirror a young metabolism. I began to develop unique, science-based and trademarked formulas. They stimulate and rejuvenate the skin cell’s metabolism by mimicking and replacing aged links in a chain reaction. My comprehensive skincare range aim not only makes skin look younger but in fact rejuvenates it. I use my skincare products on myself and I am truly convinced of the rejuvenating effect they have on my skin and youthful appearance.